abydos Photos

ABYDOS is a UNESCO world heritage site.

Abydos is one of the most important archeological sites of ancient Egypt, considered especially important because it has provided us with a chronological list of pharaohs.

Sculpted in the stone of Seti I’s temple, the pharaohs’ list is put together chronologically. It starts with Narmer (or Menes), founder of the first dynasty (ab. 3100 BC) and it ends with Ramesses I, founder of the 19th dynasty (ab. 1292 BC), Seti I’s father. Abydos is also the burial site for the pharaohs of the first dynasty, including Narmer, as well as some pharaohs of the second dynasty.

Abydos is also known for the speculations on the hieroglyphs supposedly featuring some modern vehicles like a helicopter, a submarine or a battle tank, a fighterplane or a zeppelin.

Abydos has developed into a cult centre for Osiris and Isis along the centuries. Many pharaohs added new temples and constructions, as late as the 30th dynasty.