beijing Photos

BEIJING is a UNESCO world heritage site, for its amazing monuments.

The modern capital of China, Beijing was also one of the four ancient capitals. For 1,000 years it was the place of residence of three great dynasties.

It is home to some of the most spectacular monuments: The Imperial Palace (Forbidden City), The Paradise Temple, the Summer Palace, Qianmen Gate, Tiananmen Square. Some say that between 1425 and 1650, as well as between 1710 and 1825, it was the largest city in the world.

Nowadays Beijing is developing dynamically, and it remains one of the world’s largest cities. Despite the large population, modern development and fast pace of life in general, locals try to preserve tradition as much as possible. For example, traditional games are still played in parks a lot, and local cuisine is the most appreciated – especially the famous Pekin duck.

(see The Forbidden City, Paradise Temple, Tiananmen Square)