dazu Photos

DAZU is a UNESCO world heritage site.

The rock statues of Dazu, China, started being sculpted in the 9th century (Tang dynasty) and were finished in the 13th century, during the reign of the Song dynasty. They feature religious scenes inspired by three religions and philosophical systems: buddhism, confucianism and taoism. There are over 50,000 statues, some of impressive dimensions, and over 100,000 Chinese characters forming various inscriptions.

The main statuary groups are on Bei Shan (North Hill), and the most interesting ones on Baoding Shan (Treasured Summit Hill). The latter group is assumed to have been completed over a 70-year period, during 1179 and 1249, monk Zhao Zhifeng being generally considered the main author.

Situated in such an unusual natural habitat as the luxurious jungle, isolated from the world, these rocks sculpted in immense stretches of rock are true works of art. They are impressive not only through sheer size, but also through their subjects and the minutely detailed execution.