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A UNESCO world heritage site, the GALAPAGOS ISLANDS are in a category of endangered assets of our world patrimonium.

It is the place which first inspired Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution by natural selection, during his visit in 1835. The Galapagos Archipelago is situated in the Pacific Ocean and it is formed by 19 isolated islands, one thousand kilometres from the South American continent. These islands and the surrounding marine reserve are considered a unique place, a living museum and live performance of evolution.

The archipelago lies at the convergence of three oceans, in an area of plentiful seismic and volcanic activity. Extrem isolation, added to these coordinates, has led to the emergence of unique species such as land and marine iguanas or giant turtles.

An incredible, truly unique place, which transports you into a different, very distant, time, where man is not at all the protagonist.