greenwich Photos

GREENWICH is a UNESCO world heritage site.

Greenwich is known all over the world for the Zero Meridian and the standard Greenwich Mean Time. Its Royal Observatory is an emblem of science and the development of astronomy. The development of maritime sailing is also something that is connected with Greenwich.

Situated in England, Greenwich symbolizes both the scientific and artistic grandeur of the 17th and 18th centuries, as it knew extraordinary artistic and architectural development during these centuries.

It is especially known for the Royal Palace, where many descendants of the Tudor dynasty were born, notable among them King Henry VIII and Queen Elizabeth I. The complex includes the Queen’s House, built symetrically along the Thames’ banks in the 17th century, known as the first Palladian style building in England – which in the next two centuries became a source of inspiration for many constructions all across England. The Royal Hospital is also an important landmark, as one of the highest-praised English Baroque architectural achievements. The Royal Greenwich Observatory (founded in 1675) and the Royal Park are other important landmarks of great artistic value.