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ROME is a UNESCO world heritage site.

Capital of Italy, the country with the highest number of monuments included in the world heritage, Rome is truly an open-air museum, a city filled with palaces, churches, squares, fountains, ruins of old citadel, all invaluable and magnificent. It is one of the world’s most popular destinations, and its Colosseum is one of the best-known monuments in the world.

Rome’s history spawns over 2,500 years. It was one of the ancient world’s most powerful city-states. For almost 1,000 years, Rome was the largest, richest and most important city in the Western world.

The Colosseum, the main symbol of Rome, was built between 70-80 AD and it is the largest amphitheater ever built on the teritory of the Roman Empire. Its main function was to host popular shows, such as gladiator fights.

Many famous architects, painters and sculptors have contributed to the beauty of this unique city, such as Bramante, Leonardo da Vinci, Bernini, Rafael, Michelangelo.