swayambhunath Photos

SWAYAMBHUNATH is a UNESCO world heritage site.

Swayambhunath is one of the oldest religious sites in Nepal and an important religious complex for Buddhists of many schools, and is also revered by Hindus.

The complex was founded in the 5th century and is situated on the top of a hill, with 365 steps for the pilgrims to ascend. It has a stupa, shrines and temples, and also a Tibetan monastery. Swayambhunath is also known as the Monkey Temple as there are holy monkeys living in the complex.

As Buddhism and Hinduism developed and changed over the centuries throughout Asia, both religions prospered in Nepal and produced a powerful artistic and architectural fusion. The coexistence and amalgamation of Hinduism and Buddhism in Nepal is considered unique.

The symbolic and artistic values are manifested in the ornamentation of the temples, which are closely associated with legends, rituals and festivals.

The stupa was renovated in 2010 and the dome was re-gilded using 20 kg of gold.