Laura Galea - the artist

Inspired by a great love for art, history, religions, philosophy, literature, with a solid background in all of these domains and especially passionate about ancient cultures.

Owner of a handsome collection of old African art (which we have had a chance to admire when she was invited to display it at the National Art Collections Museum), as one of the best connoisseurs on Black African art.

Author of spectacular works of art.

Based on her fine art studies, Laura's unique talent is a fusion between a talent for colours and shapes with literary prowess and historical insight.

These coordinates of her profile are completed by an absolutely unique personal itinerary. With a childhood spent in an exotic Asian archipelago, an American and European teenage, and her young adult years in Northern Africa and Europe, Laura's life is sitting on four pillars, each in a different continent, in parts of the world that are wide apart not just geographically, but also from the point of view of culture, civilization and religion.

Having lived on four different continents and always a traveller en route to new challenges, she has collected a wealth of impressive destinations.

Her journey follows primarily the traces of ancient civilizations, among cultural and religious remnants of past episodes in the history of humanity, but always also following with sensitive eyes the perfect beauty of nature.

What Laura presents here are small fragments of only a few of her remarkable travels.

The editor