chengdu-wuhou-temple Photos

CHENGDU is a UNESCO world heritage site for its ancient irrigation system, Dujiangyan. The WUHOU TEMPLE in Chengdu is part of China’s national cultural heritage.

One of China’s ancient capitals, Chengdu is history-laden. It is the cradle of the bronze culture, an important stage in ancient Chinese culture. I was a thriving trading centre in ancient times, and it is the birthplace of paper money (around 960 AD). Amazed by what he encountered here, Marco Polo described it as magnificent.

Chengdu entered the public’s memory with the Chinese classic novel “The Three Kingdoms”. As the capital of Shuhan kingdom during the Three Kingdoms period (220-280 AD), it was the residence of important historical figures such as Liu Bei, the emperor of Shu kingdom, and Zhege Liang – his prime minister. The Wuhou Temple was built in the 6th century to commemorate their memory. It is also Liu Bei’s burial site.