ramesseum Photos

RAMESSEUM is a UNESCO world heritage site.

Situated in Egypt, in the Theban necropolis, Ramesseum is the temple of pharaoh Ramesses II, the best known Egyptian pharaoh (Ramesses the Great). The construction began shortly after he became pharaoh and it continued for 20 years.

Dedicated to Amon, the temple is famous for the pharaoh’s colossal statue, considered the largest remaining colossal statue in the world that was transported to a considerable distance (and not built on site). The statue is approximately 19 m high and over one thousand tons heavy, and it shows the pharaoh sitting. It is not completely preserved, only fragments of the base and torso survived. The statue was transported on land, for a distance of approx. 60 km.

The temple is also only partially preserved. The walls and pillars are decorated with hyerogliphs and scenes from important moments in the pharaoh’s life, especially glorious battle scenes.